General info

SportAppro takes place on the 26th of September 2019. In SportAppro, participants collect stamps on their sport passes by taking part in sports try-outs, instructed group trainings and lectures. All participants will receive an overall patch corresponding the number of stamps they have collected. There will also be other prizes raffled out.

Facebook event can be found here:


1. The event requires a ticket bought in advance. Tickets are sold in the online store at from September 4th to 16th. The online store requires a Haka identification, which means that only students of higher education institutes of Turku can buy a ticket. The tickets are personal, one person can buy a ticket only for themself.

2. All who bought a ticket will receive a registration link for the sports events via email.  If you haven’t registered for the sports in advance, you can ask the sports tutor before the class if there are any spare places left. One third of the places in classes at SportSirkka and Educarium are available on a first come, first served basis, so you’ll probably be able to join the class even if you don’t register beforehand.

3. Make sure to pick up a sports pass from CampusSport’s venues of Educarium (Assistentinkatu 5, University of Turku) or Sport Sirkka (Sirkkalankatu 13, Turku) in the morning before taking part in the sports events. The pass is where you will collect stamps to after each sports event. After the last event you participated in, you need to return the pass to Educarium to receive your overall badge. This must be done not later than 22 o’clock in Educarium.

4. The sports tutor or person responsible for the class will give the stamp for the participant after the class.

5. In instructed group workouts and sports try-outs, one 30, 45 or 60min training period entitles one stamp. A 90 minute sports try-out entitles for two markings. In terms of lectures, one lecture entitles for one marking.

6. If the same sport is featured more than once during the day, you can participate only once.

7. For different numbers of markings, you get different sports titles (badges for your overall)  as follows:

  • 1 marking -Sloth
  • 2-3 markings -Dolphin
  • 4-6 markings -third place, Donkey
  • 7-9 markings -second place, Bear
  • 10+ markings -first place, Kangaroo

If you have gotten a Kangaroo title before, with 10 markings or more you get a special Cheetah title.


Be at the location 15 min before the class starts and sign up to the SportAppro sports tutor. If you are participating in consecutive classes, enroll yourself in the classes at the same time before the first class.

Bring with you the necessary equipment: Clothes and shoes for indoor sports, sweat towel and a water bottle. For outdoor sports (Parkour, Outdoor workout, all events in Kupittaa park and Parkki sports field) weather appropriate equipment. You can check from the sport descriptions what kind of gear is recommended for each sport.

Remember to show your SportAppro pass after each class to the sports tutor

Sports locations

You can find the locations for events organised by CampusSport on the Facilities -page. Parkki sports field is located in Tuureporinkatu 2. In Kupittaa park, the Padel fields are in Hippoksentie 2, Bubble football is organized in football field number 5 ans the street workout spot you will find here.


Only those who bought a ticket will be able to register for sports events (instructed group-trainings, sports try-outs). If you want be sure you will have secured a spot, we recommend registering beforehand.

The link for registration will be sent via email, and the registration will be open from 16th till 23rd of September.

Contact information for the event

CampusSport Turku – Åbo
Ira Pöllänen
050 5901048