About the past and the future

The coronavirus pandemic and its consequences have affected CampusSport’s services significantly during the past 15 months. Some of our customers have contacted us and wondered why we have not returned the sports fees even though we have not been able to provide services in the same way as in the past.  With this text we want to clarify CampusSport’s principles concerning decision-making and finance. At the end of the text, we look to the future.

CampusSport is not an association, a company, or any other legal entity. CampusSport is a marketing name for the joint sports services organized by the universities in Turku. Therefore, CampusSport’s decision-making has to be in line with the universities’ policies. This is how the decisions are made under normal circumstances and especially during the coronavirus pandemic. The decisions concerning CampusSport are made by a steering group, which consists of representatives from the University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Åbo Akademi and Novia University of Applied Sciences. In addition, the student unions have chosen their own student representative. All the universities have their own corona executive teams and CampusSport’s steering group has to follow the rulings of all these groups. Corona executive teams base their rulings on the recommendations and orders of the Finnish health officials, such as Regional state administrative agency. Due to these recommendations and orders, we have been forced to keep for example the ASA gym closed from March 2020. For the same reason all our gyms have sometimes been closed even though commercial gyms have been open.

We added a paragraph to our terms of use in summer 2020 telling that we do not return sports fees even in force majeure situations. This information has been available in our online store and in the product description of the sports fee. We have also informed in the product description that due to corona we may need to offer sport services in a different way than we normally would. We have offered for example online classes and sports equipment loans when it has not been possible to use the sports halls and gyms. CampusSport’s main goal is to help maintain our customers’ ability to work and study. With the alternative services we have tried to make sure that nobody stops exercising completely. In addition, we have extended the right to use the sport services until 29 August 2021 for all who have paid the sports fee for the academic year 2020-2021 or spring 2021.

Some of the people who have contacted us have assumed that CampusSport has no expenses during the times when we have been forced to close the gyms and the sports halls. They have wondered how the sports fees are used. CampusSport’s biggest expenses are rents and other fixed costs. These costs need to be covered even if we are not allowed to use the sports halls or gyms. For example, in year 2021 rents are about 60%, other fixed costs (for example electricity, internet connections, programs, insurances) 16% and variable costs (for example salaries, bought services, new equipment and equipment maintenance) 24% of the expenses. This estimate has been made with the assumption that we will be able to provide classes and shifts in the sports halls and have the gyms open in the autumn 2021. In addition to these costs the universities pay the salary of four administrative staff members.

Pie chart of CampusSport's expenses

In pre-corona time the sports fees covered approximately 40% of CampusSport’s costs. All the universities have covered the remaining 60 % together. For this reason our prices are affordable. CampusSport does not make a profit or even a zero result in any circumstances. During the pandemic CampusSport has not made a profit from the sports fees that were not returned to the customers. On the contrary, because we have sold less sports fees than normally, the universities will probably have to cover more than 60 % of costs. In the autumn 2020 we predicted that we will sell less fees during the academic year 2020-2021, but we did not want to make cuts in the services.

We cannot predict what will happen in the autumn 2021. We are planning the autumn’s services with the assumption that we get to hold instructed classes and shifts in the sports halls. In addition to the sports fee for the academic year or one semester, we will have a new sports fee for only 30 days available. We will publish the prices of the sports fees in August.

We also want to share some good news: we will open a new 400 m2 gym in the Aurum building in the university area. The gym will open in August, the exact date will be published later. After we have opened the gym in Aurum, Asa gym will be closed permanently.

Thank you all for your patience during this academic year and enjoy your summer!

CS 15.6.2021