Answers to customer feedback

CampusSport made a feedback survey after the spring semester 2019 and we received around 200 answers. We thank all the contributors! The overall grade for the sports services was again 4,19 (on the scale 1-5). We have read all the feedback and will develop our services based on the answers, but as we tend to, we will give some answers to the feedback.

If you are interested in the older feedback answers (we might not answer similar questions every time), they can be found here: (autumn 2018) and (autumn 2017).

Gyms are always full and there is not enough room for everyone. You could offer more instructed classes too.
Some of our gyms are more popular than others. We recommend trying out the gyms at Ruiskatu and Formis which are usually less crowded. In addition, it is good to know that the most popular times to visit the gyms are on weekdays between 4 pm and 8 pm, especially in the beginning of the week. If it is possible to exercise outside of these hours, there is most likely less people at the gym.

I have been somewhat disappointed with the instructed classes. – – It’s been hard to find a nice basic level dance class this spring. – – I find it a bit awkward that the selection of sports is so wide, because it takes time to read the workout descriptions and you keep on trying new classes and just don’t end up finding the nice one. Narrower selection would be enough and the same classes could be offered on different days and times. My schedule doesn’t allow me to attend the same classes weekly and when I have a chance to go, the instructors assume that everyone is a regular.
This feedback sums up how different we are; usually people are asking for more variety. If it is hard to find a suitable class, CampusSport’s sports coordinators are happy to help you. It is possible to book a meeting or get advice by e-mail. Have you tried our classes DanceFit, ConfiDance and Zumba where new choreography is built to each song? In most of CampusSport’s classes it is possible to join the class also in the middle of the semester so it isn’t a problem if you can’t attend the same class weekly.

The summer fee is pricey as I only tend to go to instructed classes. I think I’m not the only one who skips the summer semester due to bad quality-price ratio. Hopefully you can invest more in the summer semester in the future.
One month in the summer costs a bit more than 8 euros which, at least in our opinion, is quite affordable. CampusSport has a yearly budget in which all the universities are committed. If we arranged more sports activities in the summer, we should cut out classes during the academic year as it’s not possible to increase the expenses per year. As the demand is high during the academic year, it is not really an option to cut out classes. CampusSport’s summer semester has a financial objective: the income has to cover the expenditure, which is not the case during the academic year. The more people pay summer fees this year, the more activities we dare to plan for the next summer.

You could fix the gym visitor statistics so that they would show the average of each month and the real maximum amount too, not only 15+ like it is now. It is common that there are 30+ people at ASA so the current way to show the statistics makes it look better than the situation really is.
The gym visitor statistics show the average of the previous four weeks. The statistics are updated weekly on early Monday morning so they are mainly up-to-date. However, for example in May when the summer semester had started and the statistics were still counted partly based on April visits, the statistics were not fully reliable. With the current coding it is not possible to show the exact numbers, but we consider adding more categories and colours into the charts.

I wish Formis gym opened already 6 am or 6.30 am. Mornings would be easier that way.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to open Formis before 7 am, because the cleaning of the gym is done in the morning and the cleaning company cannot make it any earlier.

Last semester the classes at Educarium were quite full so it started to disturb me that staff members can participate in students’ classes although students cannot participate in staff’s classes. Some people who I recognise to be staff members always take the best spots and fill half of the sports hall. Affordable sports services should be reserved for students only. Staff members can afford to buy sports services elsewhere too if the staff classes are not enough for them.
CampusSport is aimed for the whole community of the higher education institutions and thus students and staff members are both important and equal customer groups. For staff members, CampusSport is employer’s way of supporting well-being (cf. exercise vouchers). There are a few weekly classes, which are open only for staff members and therefore the staff price is a bit higher. Otherwise all classes and shifts are open for both students and staff members and there are no “students’ classes” in CampusSport’s selection.

I would like to have more water exercise.
Next autumn we probably are able to add one more weekly instructed water exercise class, but due to high rents and too early / late shifts at the swimming halls, that is the only addition we can make for now.

I would like to have more combat sports and a fitness boxing course for beginners. Dance classes would be nice too (other than DanceFit which combines different styles).
Adding more combat sports to the sports selection is our aim too. However, during the past few years we have been forced to cut out many combat sports classes due to low participation rates. We are currently thinking over new ways to increase the selection of combat sports. Fitness boxing courses for beginners we already organise; there have been three different courses this academic year. Dance classes are included in the sports selection too. In the spring semester, we had several choreographic dance classes, which are organised at Sport Sirkka, in addition to dance fitness classes at Educarium.

The gyms are small, there are too many people, the equipment is old and unsafe. Ruiskatu is definitely the best gym.
Unfortunately, we cannot make anything to the size of the gyms, but it is really important to us that the equipment is safe to use and we are maintaining the equipment on a regular basis. If our customers notice unsafe equipment, we hope that you will immediately inform our attendants or send e-mail to

It is stupid that you need to pay a separate fee for the fitness boxing technique course in order to attend the weekly class. Wouldn’t it be possible to learn the techniques in these regular classes?
To be able to ensure that the weekly classes are safe and satisfactory for all participants, some sports require a separate technique course. In weekly classes, the instructor must be able to pay attention to the whole group and it is not possible if first-timers require special attention. This is the reason why we require in certain sports that the participants know the basics before attending the weekly classes.

I have only visited one of the gyms, but I have understood that most of the gyms are mainly equipped with free weights. That way of exercising is not suitable for me and thus I haven’t used the gyms.
All our gyms have both free weights and exercise machines and we warmly recommend visiting all our gyms to find the most suitable option for you. If it doesn’t feel comfortable to explore the gyms yourself, we want to remind you that during the academic year there is a gym instructor present at each gym once a week. They are happy to help with the equipment. Also, you can ask our sports tutors to accompany you at the gym. You can reach the sports tutors by sending e-mail to