Answers to feedback about the fall season

We conducted a feedback questionnaire in the fall season of 2019, and we got about 200 responses. Thank you to all who gave feedback!

The overall grade CampusSport received from its customers was 4,15 (in a scale from 1 to 5). We have read all the responses and work to reflect on any problems and develop our functions accordingly. Like with previous feedback questionnaires, we would like to answer some of the feedback publicly.

We recommend checking if there already is an answer to your feedback in the FAQ on our website. There you can find answers to questions about the sports fee, gyms, group fitness and ball sports, courses and regular shifts.

A gym for women or more shifts for women only
Our customer group is large and diverse, and in order to provide value for money we keep our services open for all customers. In some of our ball sports we organize separate shifts for men and women, but only because of differences in physical size to ensure that playing is safe for everyone. Not having a separate gym for a specific gender and not excluding anyone also aids equality in our services.

The badminton courts in Iskeri could be already set up upon arrival for the shift.

There is no CampusSport staff present in Iskeri at the time of badminton shifts, so it is not possible to prepare the courts beforehand.

It’s impossible to join the Pump class, because they fill up immediately and it’s held only a few times in a week.
Pump is offered five times a week, which is more than any of the other group fitness classes. Customers can reserve a space 7 days prior the class. 30 % of the spots are available on a first come, first served basis, so if you show up early you can join the class even if you didn’t make a reservation online.

I can’t leave my belongings in Educarium’s dressing room because there are no lockers that they can fit in. I am also worried about the thefts that have occured in Educarium, who can access the facilities?
Unfortunately, there has been problems in Educarium with thefts during last fall. All the facilities in Educarium (excluding the gym) have other users besides members of CampusSport and can be accessed by anyone. In the hallway there are bigger lockers that can be locked with a padlock, which can be borrowed from the reception desk. If your belongings don’t fit into the lockers, we recommend taking them with you into the gym or sports hall.

I wish there were more beginner’s courses on team sports.
This spring we are not organizing any courses on team sports, but have you noticed that in our weekly schedule we offer instructed classes on floorball, basketball, volleyball and futsal for beginners? For more information, visit the page Schedule.

Could you offer something where one could also get to know new people?
From our weekly schedule, acrobatics and ball sports are good for getting to know people and making small talk. Courses can also be an easy way to meet new people, since the group will be meeting weekly to exercise together. In March we offer a course on improvisation, which is a guaranteed way to get a few new acquaintances. If getting to know others in classes or courses feels difficult, you can contact our sports tutors via email at Tutors are happy to join you in exercising. More information in the sports tutors page.

I would like to have gender-neutral dressing rooms.
Unfortunately, not all our facilities have gender-neutral dressing rooms, but you will find them in Sport Sirkka and Formis.

It seems that there is only one treadmill in all of Campus Sport gyms, which is at Formis. I feel that a treadmill is a basic and necessary machine and could be nice to add in Educarium.
There are also two treadmills at ASA gym. A treadmill would not fit in Educarium unless we would remove multiple machines, which would make the situation even worse at rush hour.

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