Answers to the customer feedback

A treadmill or something would be nice for warming up.
We have a “traditional” treadmill at Asa gym and a self-powered HIITMill X treadmill at Ruiskatu gym.

I saw ping-pong boards at Iskeri. Is it allowed to use them?
Yes! During Iskeri’s badminton shifts (in the mornings Mon-Fri) it is possible to play also table tennis. Reservations are not in use for these shifts.

I wish there were ball sports shifts where one could go with no previous experience. I’m interested in futsal, but I’m worried about the skill level of other players.
We do have ball sports shifts that are aimed for those with very little or no previous experience. Floorball for the beginners was unfortunately cut out due to lack of participants, but there are still beginners’ shifts in basketball, futsal and volleyball.

I would like to participate in ball sports shifts, but I don’t go there as the reservation system shows that there is nearly no one in the shifts.
Many people tend to not to book a place for ball sports shifts. There are usually at least 50% more participants than the amount of people who have pre-reserved a place.

The classes should be divided better during the weekend as now there are only morning classes on Saturdays and only evening classes on Sundays.
The schedule is planned based on the statistics from the previous years. The classes during weekends are less popular than the classes during weekdays anyway and there are more potential participants if the classes are held like they are in the schedule at the moment.

80 people is too much for a Pump class. Could you have two Pump classes on Mondays?
From January on the maximum number of participants in Pump classes has been 75 people. We recognize that Monday is a popular day to participate in sports activities and that is the reason why we offer two Pump classes on Mondays: the other one at Educarium and the other one at Ruiskatu. Usually there has still been room for Ruiskatu’s Pump class, when Educarium’s class has been fully booked.

It’s a big minus that there are no morning classes at Educarium. I could pay more to have morning classes at Educarium too.
CampusSport is not the only operator at Educarium’s facilities. OKL (teacher education) has the privilege to use Educarium’s facilities during the day time and that is the reason CampusSport cannot organize morning classes there.

Could you organize class x in place y in time z, because the time of my favourite class is bad at the moment.
CampusSport offers weekly more than 100 classes in different locations and there are around 70 instructors so it is quite a puzzle to get the schedule done. As there are so many customers and the classes are popular, it is inevitable that some of the classes are held during less popular times i.e. early afternoons and weekends.

I would like to have more classes in Swedish! At the moment the students from Swedish speaking universities get worse service than the Finnish speaking ones. I know many people who would like to join the classes, but don’t dare because their Finnish skills are not good enough.
If there are non-Finnish-speaking participants in the class/shift, the instructor will always speak English too. You don’t have to speak Finnish in order to participate in the classes. At the moment we offer two weekly classes in Swedish (Mage-lår-rumpa on Mondays at 6 pm and Hathayoga on Wednesdays at 4 pm). The reason why there are no more classes in Swedish is that we don’t have enough Swedish speaking instructors. So if you know Swedish speaking instructors you can hint them to apply for a job at CampusSport.

I would like to have more “real” dance classes with choreographies. Now the only one is jazz dance which I can’t attend due to my lectures. I would also like to try Barre Fusion, but I’ve never gotten a place for the class. So it would be good to have another weekly Barre Fusion class.
Long choreographies are made in the following dance classes: Show Burlesque, Jazz dance, Dance! and Modern dance. Barre Fusion class is already held twice a week, on Fridays and Sundays.

Your classes are otherwise good, but: 50 min class is worse than 60 min class. Other sports centers offer 60 min classes.
If CampusSport’s classes were 60 minutes long, it would mean one less class every day. It is not possible as the amount of people who have paid the sports fee is high and we want to offer daily as many classes as possible in order to offer as many people as possible the chance to participate.

The prices of the courses, at least in pilates and adult ballet, are quite high. With the same price, you could attend classes in real dance studios. The prices of the courses should be lower when you commit to participate in the whole course.
The expenses of the courses with separate fees are often higher than in CampusSport’s weekly classes (e.g. due to high instructor training fees in pilates). CampusSport won’t make profit with courses, the course fees only cover the expenses. The course fees are still a lot cheaper than the ones that commercial operators charge and at least in our opinion the quality of the classes is as high as in “real” dance studios.

I miss the printed sports schedules. Could you have at least a PDF file on your website?
Good news! It is now possible to print out the schedule in a PDF format on our website. Changes are made in the sports schedule during the season and thus it is not clever to have a large amount of printed schedules as they might end up being out-of-date soon.

Is the Ruiskatu gym also in use for the students of vocational institute? There have been so many young looking people recently. I either don’t want to go to the Ruiskatu gym during the day time as you can never know if the gym is reserved for teaching although you had check the reservation list last night.
As long as CampusSport has existed, the Ruiskatu gym has been in use also for the students of vocational institute as the gym is actually located in the facilities of Turku Vocational Institution. The reservations for teaching are asked to be marked in the reservation list as early as possible. There have been really few reservations: during the first 1.5 months of 2018 only one reservation.

I would like to get the green mats at Sport Sirkka to be cleaned every now and then. They seem to be dirty.
The mats are cleaned and disinfected regularly every other week.

Why there are so many queue slots for the classes? Why to have 80 queue slots when you can never get a place for the class?
The number of queue slots was raised last year based on customer feedback. People tend to cancel their queue slots a lot so it is often possible to get a place for the class e.g. from a queue slot number 50.

I find it unfair that people lose their right to enter if they don’t arrive more than 10 minutes earlier. These people have booked their place early in advance and they do come but then they cannot enter and their place is given to other people who haven’t booked and who arrive at the last moment….Due to the lack of space in the changing rooms, I often arrive in Educarium already wearing my sports clothes so I don’t need 10 minutes to get ready to the class and I end up just waiting in the already crowded corridor.
We cannot know whether the person with a reservation arrives or not. To make sure that we don’t have to arrange the classes for half-empty sports halls, we need to run the reservation system in the way we do it now. The previous class ends 10 minutes before the next one starts so you don’t have to wait 10 minutes in the corridor. During that 10 minutes time you should actually get all the equipment ready so that the class can start on time.

It would be nice that also Åbo Akademi’s HID-keys could be used as keys. We need to pay 8 euros when the students of the University of Turku can use their own electronic keys for free. It should be equal.
This is not about inequality, but purely technique. It is a coincidence that the printing tags of the University of Turku function with the same technique than CampusSport’s access control system. Åbo Akademi’s HID-keys simply cannot be synchronized due to different technique. Also other cards and tags with NFC chip can be activated as keys, e.g. the physical Frank student card, so it’s not only the printing tags of the University of Turku.

I quite often miss the information because it is only on CampusSport’s website.
CampusSport’s main communication channel is our own website. In addition we send the monthly newsletter for all the customers who have given the permission for us to send e-mail. We warmly recommend that everyone gives that permission. You can change your settings concerning e-mails you get from CampusSport on the reservation site. Go to -> reserve a class and select my pages -> settings -> marketing permissions.