Application period for private regular sports shifts

Through CampusSport, you can make a regular booking for the activities of your own sports group for the academic year 2018–2019. The application for regular booking of indoor facilities will open on Tuesday 29 May 2018 and last until Tuesday 12 June 2018 at 10 (altogether two weeks).

Apply through the CampusSport electronic booking system:
1. Open and select RESERVE A CLASS.
2. You can log in with the HAKA user ID from your own higher education institution.
3. Select “vakiovuorot” (i.e. regular booking) as the unit.
4. Select “Liikuntavuorot/Sports classes” as the type.
5. Search week 22 in the calendar.
6. Select the time at which you wish to make the booking.
One person can only apply for up to two bookings of one hour each.

Please note that for those with a valid CampusSport membership, facility bookings will be deducted from the quota of class reservations to be made. Everyone has the opportunity to reserve up to three hours at a time in the Tehden system, so if you intend to apply for booking an indoor sports facility on a regular basis, please make sure in advance that your quota has not been exhausted. The application period terminates on 12 June 2018, after which the regular bookings will be confirmed. The booking confirmation will show all regular bookings for the season.

Applying for regular bookings of indoor sports facilities does not require a CampusSport membership. All staff members and students of the higher education institutions in Turku can apply. 50% of those who participate in using the regularly booked sports facilities must be from the higher education institutions in Turku.

Most regular bookings of sports facilities entitle you to use the facility for 55 minutes but some may be 30 or 45 minutes long. You will see the length in the booking system. The booking is primarily made for the whole academic year (3 September 2018–31 May 2019). However, if you wish to apply for a regular booking of a sports facility for autumn or spring only, please send an email to after you have submitted your application.

Prices for regular bookings of indoor sports facilities for 2018–2019
Educarium (506 m²): EUR 330 autumn / EUR 373 spring / EUR 550 academic year
Iskeri (495 m²): EUR 220 autumn / EUR 242 spring / EUR 385 academic year
Sport Sirkka (186 m²): EUR 220 autumn / EUR 242 spring / EUR 385 academic year
*Normaalikoulu, primary school sports hall (392 m²): EUR 320 autumn / EUR 460 spring / EUR 620 academic year
*Normaalikoulu, secondary school sports hall (602 m²): EUR 365 autumn / EUR 304 spring / EUR 530 academic year

The gyms in Normaalikoulu are not available for those with regular bookings:
Primary school
17 Dec 2018–4 Jan 2019
13–15 Feb 2019
27–31 May 2019
Secondary school
31 Aug–7 Sep 2018
14 Sep–1 Oct 2018
17 Dec 2018–4 Jan 2019
1–15 Feb 2019
11–28 Mar 2019
25 Apr–21 May 2019
27–31 May 2019