Aurum gym will open 30 Sep

CampusSport’s new gym Aurum will open on Thu 30 September 2021 at noon! The gym is located in a building called Aurum. The address is Henrikinkatu 2, Turku. The gym is in the basement of the building and you get there through the door that is on the left side of the building’s main entrance (in the middle of the picture). There is a CampusSport logo on the door. The gym is open Mon-Sun at 6 am – 11 pm.

You can come to train in Aurum only with a reservation. You can book a gym shift in the electronic reservation system on our website. You need to sign in to the shifts by using the key tag and the touch screen. Please note that you need to select and confirm the shift on the screen, it is not enough that you show your tag key to the electronic reader at the gym door. Get to know the instructions about the reservations on our website.

Aurum gym is suited for all workout. There is a lot of free floor space for functional training. There are also a lot equipment suitable for functional training, such as a punching bag, a battle rope, a boxmaster boxing device and a TRX. In addition there are equipment and free weights for muscle tone training. For aerobic training there are two treadmills, a crosstrainer, a rowing machine and two spinning bikes. The gym is a lot bigger than other CampusSport gyms with a workout space of 383 m2.

We are going to offer a few chances to get to know the Aurum gym without paying the sports fee in weeks 40 and 41. We will give out information about the exact times later.

CS 29.9.2021