Available places in many courses

There are still available places in many of the courses!

You can enroll in courses by paying the course fee at the online store . You don’t need to pay CampusSport’s sports fee in order to participate in courses. Course descriptions, timetables and prices are listed in the schedule. Select tab Courses.

Gym training for beginners: Participants will learn different forms of gym training. After taking this course, participants will be able to work out at the gyms independently. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/3hlkmzs

Start running: This is the course for you if you would like to start running but need some help to get started. We’ll do light exercises that combine running and walking. You’ll learn the basic running technique and some muscle workout exercises. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/35px0uP

Karate: Karate is a martial art with different styles. In this course we will concentrate on Wado-ryu. In addition to regular techniques, the special characteristics of this style are short stance, locks, twists and evasion moves. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/3ioEwKm

Submission wrestling: Submission wrestling is a form of combat sports in which the goal is to control the opponent either in standing position or on the floor without blows or punches, with the help of different armlocks, footlocks and chokeholds. The sport is very similar to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/2RiuMoO

Water polo: We practise ball handling, moving in the water and get to know the rules of the sport. This course is suitable for both those who have little or a lot of experience in water sports. You need to be able to swim 50 metres in order to participate. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/2FqyOJi

Pilates: Strengthens especially the core muscles and improves posture, mobility, body maintenance and balance. A low-paced course, especially suitable for those with back problems. The course is instructed in Finnish only. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/35qH9Yh

Fitness boxing, weightlifting, swimming technique and kickboxing courses are full.

CS 11.9.2020