Become a sports tutor

Recruitment of sports tutors for the academic year of 2020-21 takes place between 9 and 23 March. Apply by sending an informal application to (what do you study, what are your hobbies and thoughts on exercising and why you would like to be a sports tutor).

Sports tutors are part of CampusSport’s low-threshold services that aim at making exercising as approachable as possible. Tutors play an important role in reaching the students who don’t exercise or don’t feel comfortable getting to know the exercising possibilities alone. It’s a rewarding job – a tutor might help somebody find the joy of exercising.

Tutor is a peer exerciser – a student who encourages other students to exercise. You don’t have to be an expert or a professional athlete – it’s enough that they are interested in sports.

Tutors encourage the students and staff members of the universities in Turku to exercise:

– Inspire new students to become CampusSport members: make them feel welcome, show them our facilities and introduce our services in events
– Work as sports buddies
– Organize events and excursions
– Are CampusSport ambassadors in their universities
– Help out with the courses and competitions
– Help out with marketing (IG, FB)
– What else? We would be happy to hear your ideas and thoughts

Being a sports tutor is voluntary work and our tutors don’t get paid. Tutors get a free membership and they can participate in our courses and team competitions for free. In addition, as a sports tutor you will get experience in organizing events and speaking in public. And the most important thing: you will meet great people and get wonderful experiences!

Tutoring season lasts for an academic year. During the year tutors are required to participate in a 5-hour training and do 40 hours of tutoring.

CS 9.3.2020