Bridge online course 5 May – 2 June

Bridge is a tactical card game for four players. We organise an online bridge course for beginners on Wednesdays between 5 May and 2 June 2021 at 5pm-7.30pm. The price of the course is 20€. You do not need to pay the CampusSport sports fee in order to participate, as long as you are a student or a staff member in one of the universities in Turku. You do not need to have previous experience in bridge. It is good to be familiar with the deck and trick-taking games but it is not absolutely necessary.

The game platform of the course is Bridge Base Online. We will create usernames and passwords in the beginning of the course. Participants can also use the platform to practice outside the course meetings. We will use Google Meet for voice connection. We will get to know Bridge Base Online and Google Meet in the beginning of the course. Computer is a best device for the course, but you can also use a tablet. You do not need to have a camera, they will be turned off for most of the time.

You can enroll in the course by paying the course fee in our online store: The course will take place only if at least 10 people register. Please note that everyone has to make the enrollment and pay the course fee personally.

CS 14.4.2021