No instructed sports classes in the summer 2020

Update May 19, 2020: Unfortunately, we do not have any information yet when the gyms can be re-opened. The decisions will be made after the universities have published their own exit plans.

Due to coronavirus situation, CampusSport won’t offer instructed sports classes in the summer 2020. The gyms and some ball sports shifts (e.g. badminton) may be opened later in the summer, if the universities will allow the use of the facilities and gatherings of the people are no longer restricted.

In case we are able to open the gyms, the use of the sports services during the summer will be free of charge for those who had an active membership for the academic year or the spring semester and didn’t get a refund. As we have informed before, the refunds of the sports fees will be made only for those who paid the sports fee in March. The contact persons of the private regular sports shifts will get information about the compensation by e-mail.

Those who didn’t have an active membership can buy the summer membership with a separate fee. The price will be set and informed when we know the prospective duration of the summer semester.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will give you new information immediately if we are able to open the gyms. We will inform at the same time when the other services (courses, competitions, regular shifts, events, borrowing sports equipment as well as massage, sports tutors and personal trainer services) will be available again.

CS 24.4.2020