Campussport’s functions shut down starting from 1 Jan 2022

CampusSport’s functions will be temporarily shut down starting from 1 Jan 2022 based on the rulings of the Regional State Administrative Agency. The shutdown includes gyms, instructed classes, ball sports shifts, courses, competitions, regular shifts and events. Individual services (massage, nutritional counseling, personal trainer services) will be available. However, personal trainer appointments can be held outside only.

CampusSport’s instructed classes and shifts were supposed to start on Fri 7 Jan 2022, but due to the rulings, the spring semester will start at the earliest on Sun 16 Jan 2022. If we are not allowed to offer sports services in the sports facilities even after that, we do our best to offer online or outdoor classes instead. We will give more information of the sports fees for the spring semester later.

It is possible that we have to postpone the competitions that were supposed to take place in January. The enrolment to these competitions is open. If you enroll and the new time (that will be given later) does not suit you, you can cancel your reservation.

Based on our terms of use, we won’t make any partial refunds of the sports fees.

CS 30.12.2021