Gyms closed and badminton shifts cancelled starting from 19 Mar

All CampusSport gyms will be closed and badminton shifts cancelled for the time being starting from 19 Mar due to large amount of corona cases among the students of the universities in Turku.

Individual services (massage, nutritional counseling, personal trainer services) will be available. However, personal trainer appointments can be held outside only. Online classes will continue.

Based on our terms of use, we won’t make any partial refunds of the sports fees. We will make decisions about the length of the spring period when we know how long the gyms will stay closed.

The city of Turku has given out information that there has been a person with corona disease in the Educarium gym 11 Mar. We do not know the exact time, because the corona officials have not contacted us yet. All those who have been in the Educarium gym 11 Mar are recommended to stay in self-quarantine and get tested if necessary. We will contact them all via email. We hope that the corona officials contact us soon so that we get to know the exact time and can help them to contact the people who have been in the gym.

Read the city of Turku’s press release on their website:

CS 18.3.2021