CampusSport’s geocaching routes

Hey you! Do you want to add easy, refreshing and free exercise to your day? We have a solution for you!

CampusSport has created 7 different geocaching routes for you around Turku. Explore alone or with friends, you only need a smartphone and a pen. Six of the routes are in a GoCache app and 1 in the official GeocachingⓇ app.

Three of the routes are open NOW, so go check them out by going to . Other routes will be published later in the year. The apps and routes are free to use and made for everyone. For Turku higher education students and personnel there is a possibility to win prizes when playing GoCache routes.

More info and download links to the apps at

Made in collaboration with Study in Turku, TUO, TYY, TYS, Kivenalla Oy / GoCache, Unica and PT Anni Toivanen.

CS 24.8.2021