CampusSport’s spring semester starts online

The regional corona prevention group of Southwest Finland has extended the recommendation to close all sports facilities. Therefore, CampusSport’s functions in the sports facilities will be temporarily shut down at least until 24 Jan 2021. The shutdown includes gyms, instructed classes, ball sports shifts, courses, competitions, regular shifts and events. Those who have paid the sports fee for the academic year 2020-2021 get to use the gyms until 31 May 2021 although the spring semester officially ends on 30 April 2021.

CampusSport’s spring semester starts online on Monday 11 Jan 2021. In other words, there are no instructed classes in the sports facilities. Online classes will be streamed to a closed Facebook group. Instructions on how to join the group are available at the end of this piece of news. The schedule of the online classes can be found on our website on page Schedule: (select “online schedule” as a location)

For now, the online schedule is valid for one week only i.e. until Sunday 17 Jan 2021 and there still might be some changes. We will inform later how the functions will be organized after the first week. We will give information about other services (courses, competitions, regular shifts and events) next week. Individual services (massage, nutritional counseling, personal trainer services) are available. However, personal trainer appointments can be held outside only.

The sports fee for the spring semester is available for purchase at CampusSport’s online store. The price for students is 48 euros and for staff members 61 euros. With the spring fee, you can use the sports services until 30 April 2021. In addition, you can use the gyms until 31 May 2021. However, please note that if we are not able to offer services in the sports facilities due to coronavirus situation, the selection of services may vary and be limited.

Instructions how to join the Facebook group where the classes will be streamed:
1. Request to join the Facebook group called “CampusSport online classes” (direct link:
2. Send an email to with a subject: “Facebook group”. Give the following information so that we can confirm that you have paid the sports fee:
– your whole name
– your university email address
– your Facebook account

We will add you to the Facebook group after we have confirmed that you have paid the sports fee. You need to make the request to join the group and send the email at the latest 10 am the day you want to participate in a class for a first time.

Those, who have already joined the Facebook group but had the CampuSport membership only for the autumn semester, will be removed from the group by 11 Jan 2021. If you renew your membership for the spring semester, you will need to send the e-mail and make the request again.

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