CampusSport’s vision for 2025

CampusSport’s vision for 2025 is published! There were many interest groups who took part in the vision process – we want to warmly thank all those who were involved. In the near future, we will make an operational plan for implementing the vision and putting plans into action.

The key points of the vision are:
– In 2025, using the CampusSport services is an obvious choice of the students and staff in the higher education institutions in Turku.
– CampusSport makes the operational culture of the higher education institutions more exercise-oriented.
– CampusSport provides comprehensive well-being services in functional and accessible premises.
– CampusSport is easily approachable.
– CampusSport is a responsible operator, which cares both of its users and of the environment.
– CampusSport is an active cooperation partner.
– CampusSport increases happiness.

Familiarize yourself with the vision here.

The picture was made by Hehku Visual.