Changes in CampusSport’s gyms

There will be some changes in CampusSport’s gyms. Asa gym is closed permanently, and the new gym in the Aurum building will open in late August or early September. The address of the new gym is Henrikinkatu 2. The exact opening date will be published later.

Another change will happen in January 2022. We will open a new gym in the Student Village. After we have opened the gym in the Tyyssija building, Ruiskatu gym will no longer be in CampusSport’s use.

There will be some minor changes in the gym opening hours starting from 30 Aug 2021. Formis gym will open already at 6 am. In addition, in the future the last entry to all gyms will be 30 minutes before the closing. You must leave the gym by the closing time.

The gym opening hours starting from 30 Aug 2021:
Aurum: Mon-Sun 6.00–23.00
Educarium: Mon-Fri 7.30–22.00, Sat-Sun 10.00–22.00
Formis: Mon-Sun 6.00–23.00
Roddis: Mon-Fri 6.00–23.00, Sat-Sun 8.00–23.00
Ruiskatu: Mon-Sun 6.00–22.00

We will organize two test sessions at Aurum gym before the official opening. If you are interested to be one of the people who get to test the gym and help us to finalize the gym, please follow our channels for more information. The instructions how to apply will be published as soon as we know the dates. The participants will be selected among the people who have paid CampusSport’s sports fee for the past academic year or for summer 2021.

CS 13.8.2021