Changes in the amount of people allowed in the sports halls and gyms

There will be changes in the amount of people allowed in the sports halls and gyms starting from 18 October 2021. The 8-people maximum will no longer be in use in Formis, Roddis and Ruiskatu gyms. In Educarium and Aurum there is still going to be a reservation system and the amount of people is limited. In Educarium there can be max. 10 people in the gym at the same time, in Aurum 25.

There will also be changes in the reservation rules of Educarium and Aurum. If there are spots available on the touch screen, you can take one of them without making a reservation in advance. Note that people who have made reservations can come to the shift after it has started and their reservations will be valid until end of the shift. This means that you can check if there are available spots only on the touch screen, you cannot count the amount of people who are in the gym. Note also, that it is not enough that you show your tag to the electronic reader, but you must always choose and confirm the shift on the touch screen.

Regarding the instructed classes, the maximum amount of participants in the classes held in Educarium gymnastics hall will be 20 and in Bike classes in Sport Sirkka 25. There will be no changes in other classes or shifts. It is no longer required to bring a towel to cover the mat if you use CampusSport’s mat. However, we still recommend that you bring your own mat to the instructed classes.

CS 13.10.2021