Changes in the online schedule starting from 15 Mar

Starting from Mon 15 Mar there will be the following changes in the online schedule:

Mon at 4pm-4.50pm Bodyweight Training instead of Fitness Boxing, Saara Hallama
Tue at 8am-8.50am Body, Sarianna Jakobsson
Wed at 3pm-3.50pm Twerk, Amanda Nousiainen
Thu at 4pm-4.50pm Fitness Boxing instead of Mobility Training, Roosa Kantola
Thu at 6pm-6.50pm Flow Harmony instead of Combat, Marika Kumlander
Sat DanceFit class will take place at 11am-11.50am, Mari Sonck
Sun at 6pm-6.50pm Combat instead of Flow Harmony, Marika Kumlander

The online schedule on the page Schedule is the one valid at the moment. New schedule will be updated on Mon 15 Mar.

You can watch the online classes if you have paid the sports fee for the academic year 2020-2021, for the spring 2021 or if you have a valid online pass.

Instructions how to join the Facebook group where the classes will be streamed:
1. Request to join the Facebook group called “CampusSport online classes” (direct link:
2. Send an email to with a subject: “Facebook group”. Give the following information so that we can confirm that you have paid the sports fee:
– your whole name
– your university email address
– your Facebook account

We will add you to the Facebook group after we have confirmed that you have paid the sports fee.

An online pass that is valid 15 Mar – 28 Mar will be available in our online store on Mon 15 Mar at 10am. With the pass you get to watch the online classes that are streamed to a closed Facebook group. You are not entitled to use our member benefits. The pass costs 15 euros for students and 20 euros for the staff members and postgraduate students. Only the enrolled students and staff members of the universities in Turku can buy the pass.

Those who have bought the previous online pass (valid 1 Mar-14 Mar) will be removed from the group on Tue 16 Mar unless they buy a new a pass. You can of course buy the pass later that, but then you have to join the group and send us an email again.

CS 11.3.2021