Courses starting in March

Although most of CampusSport’s courses with separate fees started in January, in March you have the chance to dive deep into the worlds of belly dance and chess. Both of the courses include five meetings and start on week 11. We also have a weightlifting course starting, but it has unfortunately already sold out.

Belly dance consists of soft movements originating from Middle-Eastern and North-African folk dances. A lot of the movement is focused around the hips, but also the shoulders and back get loosened up. Oriental dance is for everyone, despite age, size or gender. It is a beginner’s course, so no prior experience in dancing is required. Amanda Nousiainen, also known as CampusSport’s Twerk teacher, will instruct the course.

Chess advanced might sound intimidating, but to participate in the course it is enough if you have played chess before and know the rules. The course will cover techniques for opening the game, compositions and plans, as well as introduce you to online chess.

You can find course descriptions, timetables and prices by selecting the tab “courses”.  You can enroll in courses by paying the course fee at the online store of CampusSport. You don’t need to pay CampusSport’s general fee in order to participate in courses.

CS 21.2.2020