Customer service in the summer

The last classes and ball sports shifts of the summer semester will be held on Sunday June 16 and thus there will be changes in customer service hours too. Customer service is available at Sport Sirkka on following times from June 17 until Sep 1, 2019:

on Tuesdays 8-10 am
on Thursdays 3-5 pm

NB! On June 20 the customer service desk is closed.

All those who have paid the sports fee for the summer semester have a possibility to use Sport Sirkka for independent training during the customer service hours. You can e.g. train fitness boxing, use the spinning bicycles, stretch or do muscle tone exercises.

The fee for the summer semester is 33 euro and it is possible to pay the fee at the online store of CampusSport. The gyms at Asa, Formis, Roddis and Educarium are open the whole summer.