Cycling competition Kilometrikisa

A fun cycling competition called Kilometrikisa is meant for companies, workplaces, clubs etc. The aim of the competition is to, as a team, collect as many cycling kilometres and minutes as possible.

Competition takes place 1 May – 22 Sep 2021. CampusSport has signed up a team for the students and staff members of the universities in Turku. Join our team!

The organisers will hold a raffle at the end of the competition. All participants have a chance to win some prizes. The teams with the most kilometres will also be awarded after the competition is over. In addition, we in CampusSport hold our own raffle: one of the active members of our team will get a free membership for the autumn 2021.

You can register for the competition on The code to join CampusSport’s team is campussport2021.

Unfortunately, the website is only in Finnish. If you want to join the competition and need help with the translation, please send us e-mail to

CS 27.4.2021