Dance competition cancelled

!!! Dance competition is cancelled !!!

Dance It Out! CampusSport’s first ever dance competition, Dance It Out, is here! The competition is held at Kåren on Nov. 29 at 5 pm. All genres from break dance to line dancing will compete in the same category and it doesn’t make any difference either if you compete solo or with a group. Both beginners and more advanced dancers are warmly welcome!

The criteria for the participating performance:
– The performance has to include a story
– The maximum length is 7 minutes (including setting and clearing possible setup)
– The music has to be played from a legal source (it is possible to use CampusSport’s Spotify Business account)
– At least 50 % of participants need to be students or staff members in higher education institutions of Turku

The price of the competition is 5€ for solo dancers and 10€ for groups.  All the judges at the competition will rate the performances from their own point of view. It is not only the technique that matters, but also the story and the feeling are important.

The prize of the competition is a free of charge weekly training shift at Sport Sirkka for one semester in 2018 or 2019. In addition winners will get merchandise and of course a lot of glory!

Enroll by sending e-mail to at the latest Nov. 22. Mention in the e-mail the following information:
– Name
– E-mail address
– Phone number
– The piece of music (artist and name of the song)
– Solo or group performance
– The name of the performance
– The genre of the performance