Educarium’s gym reservations

We have received a few questions concerning Educarium’s gym reservations so here is some clarification.

– You need to sign in to the gym by using the key tag and the touch screen at the customer service desk. You need to click the reserved shift on the screen, so it is not enough just to show your tag to the reader. If the next shift is full, you cannot enter the gym.

– Your reservation is valid until the start of the shift. If the reservation is not confirmed, the place will be released to other users. Two uncancelled or unconfirmed reservations lead to an automatic two-week reservation ban.

– The gym shift is shown on the touch screen until the end of the shift. If there haven’t been any additional people entering the gym, it is possible to enter and confirm your reservation later too. However, please note that you will get a marking of the unconfirmed reservation if the shift is already full.

– You must make a reservation at least 1 hour before the shift starts. In case of hindrance, reservations shall be cancelled in the electronic system at least 3 hours before the class starts.

– You must have left the gym by the time your reservation / shift ends so that the limit of 10 people is not exceeded.

– Morning shifts will start officially at 7.40 am so that there is enough time to sign in, but the doors will open at 7.30 am as before.

When it comes to other sports shifts and classes, the rules for reservations haven’t changed and the reservation shall be confirmed at least 10 minutes before the class starts. Please read through the terms of use.

CS 8.9.2020