Free trial period 6 Sep –19 Sep 2021

CampusSport’s classes and shifts start on Monday 6 Sep. You can get to know all the classes and shifts listed in the schedule for free between 6 Sep and 19 Sep. During this time, reservations for the classes are not in use and the classes will work on first come, first served basis. All the equipment used during the classes is available in the sports halls. You only need to bring clothes that are suitable for exercising, indoor shoes, a water bottle and a sweat towel. Due to the corona pandemic, we recommend that you bring your own exercise mat. If you use CampusSport’s mat, you need to bring a towel that covers the entire mat.

All the gyms can be used free of charge on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 pm until 7 pm between 6 Sep and 19 Sep. If you have already paid your sports fee, we recommend you to avoid the mentioned times, because there can be maximum 8 people at the gym at the same time. Those who have paid the sports fee can access the gyms within their normal opening hours as soon as the electronic key tag is activated.

Unfortunately we do not know when the Aurum gym will open and if it is going to be in use during the free trial period. In any case, we are going to organise free try out times in Aurum too. We will give out more information when we know when Aurum will open.

There are some special arrangements in the sports facilities in order to secure safe workout possibilities for everyone. Please read them through carefully:

Welcome to CampusSport!

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