Free tryout sessions at the gyms

Are you interested in exercising at CampusSport’s gyms, but would like to take a closer look before purchasing the sports fee? We will offer a chance to come to see and try the gyms for free! CampusSport’s sports tutors will be available at the gyms during these times to help you and answer your questions. At some of the sessions also gym instructor will be available. You can see the schedule of the gym instructions here: On the same site you can also find short presentations and the addresses of the gyms.

Free tryout sessions at the gyms:

Tue Jan 9 (16.00-19.00): Asa and Educarium
Wed Jan 10 (16.00-19.00): Formis and Roddis
Thu Jan 11 (16.00-19.00): Ruiskatu and Educarium
Tue Jan 16 (16.00-19.00): Asa and Ruiskatu
Wed Jan 17 (16.00-19.00): Formis and Roddis