Gym restrictions

Although most of the customers obey the rule of max 10 people at the gym in the same time, there are some people who break this rule. Starting from Mon 19 Oct the customers who break the maximum rule will lose the right to use the services for two weeks. If the same customer breaks the rule again, they will get a three-month ban from using the services or paying the sports fee. After the ban has ended, the customer needs to pay the sports fee in order to start using the services again.

Everyone going in to a gym needs to show their tag to the electronic reader, even if there are more than one people going in at the same time and the door is open. This is the only way for you to show us when you’ve gone in.

If we all follow the rules, we make sure that the sports services don’t have to be shut down. We’ve made the special arrangements only this goal in mind. Following the rules means that exercising is safe for everyone.

CS 12.10.2020