Information about the autumn semester

CampusSport’s autumn semester starts Sep 2! Important information follows – please read this carefully!

– You can pay the sports fee at the online store on our website To access the store you need to login with your HAKA user ID. The HAKA login works with the user ID of your higher education institution. The accepted payment methods at the online store are the most common credit cards, Finnish online banking and MobilePay. If you have any problems with paying, please contact us by e-mail: and try to describe in detail the problem you encountered.

– Once you have paid the sports fee, you have to activate the electronic key / sports card (so-called NFC-tag) at our sports service desk. You can use an existing tag (e.g. the university of Turku’s printing tag, the FRANK student card). If you have no such card, please buy one at the online store. You can find sports service counters at Educarium and Sport Sirkka. Check the customer service hours here. NB! If you have used CampusSport’s services before, the access rights will be added to your tag automatically after paying the sports fee.

– All the CampusSport services are free of charge the first two weeks of operation between Sep. 2 and Sep. 15. During that time, reservations for the classes are not in use and the policy is “first come, first served”. Please arrive at the latest 10 minutes before the class starts.

The maximum number of people for the classes and shifts:
Educarium’s sports hall: 70-80 people
Educarium’s gymnastics hall: 20-40 people
Sport Sirkka: 25-36 people (Barre Fusion 22)
Iskeri: group workouts 20-40 people, ball sports 16-18 people
Water sports: Hydrotraining 20 people, water aerobics 35 people
Outdoor sports: 30 people (Padel 4 people)

– All the gyms will be free of charge for everyone on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm until 7 pm between Sep. 2 and Sep. 15. Those who have paid the sports fee can access the gyms within their normal opening hours as soon as the electronic sports card is activated.

– You can find the sports schedule here. Please note, that there are separate schedules for each facility. The details of each class/shift will open by clicking the name of the class.

Let’s get going!