Instructions for classes and shifts

The new semester has brought a lot of new CampusSport customers – welcome! Especially the new ones, please read carefully these terms of use. You can ensure that everyone has a pleasant workout session by following these guidelines.

– The reservation needs to be confirmed on the touch screen in the sports facility at least 10 minutes before the class starts. If the reservation is not confirmed, the place will be released to other users. If you are late, you are not able to join the class. There is a touch screen also in Iskeri, even though there is no customer service. Please arrive early enough especially in Educarium’s classes as there are so many participants that the service desk might get crowded.
– Reservations are not in use for morning classes – they haven’t been full so there is no need to worry whether you fit in or not.
– It is not allowed to use outdoor shoes at the sports facilities in any circumstances (mud and sand are a real problem in the sports halls). Leave your shoes immediately after arrival in the shoe rack if there is one available (e.g. Formis, Roddis and Sport Sirkka).
– Using mobile phones is not allowed during the classes.
– During stretching, avoid talking and moving around
– Users need to take back the equipment after the class ends. For safety reasons, it’s not allowed to move equipment before or during stretching. With the exception of pressing circumstances, you must stay in the class until the end.
– Clean the equipment after use in the gym. Use a sweat towel on the classes (also on the gym mat).

Please get to know our Terms of use. We advise you to read especially the regulations concerning class reservations.

CS 13.1.2020