CampusSport’s terms of use

Note that there are some changes in the way the reservations need to be maid during the spring 2021. You can go to the gyms only with a reservation. All the sport shifts are also available only with a reservation. Instructions on how to make gym reservations are available here.

By paying the sports fee the customer accepts CampusSport’s rules and terms of use.

•    Users of the sport services shall follow the instructions given by the CampusSport staff.
•    CampusSport reserves the right for schedule exceptions in terms of classes and facilities, and for permanent and/or temporary changes in the schedules. CampusSport tries to notify its customers of any changes in the class schedules well in advance.
•    The right to use the sports services is personal and shall not be handed over to another person. A user may not let anyone who hasn’t the right to use the sports services to enter the sports facilities.
•    In cases of misuse of the right to use the sports services and the terms of use, the customer’s right to use can be cancelled and the customer may be imposed a fixed-term, three-month ban from using and buying the CampusSport sports services.
•    After the ban has terminated, the customer can regain the right to use the services by paying for the services according to the price list.
•    Sports and course fees are reimbursed only in cases of illness (course fees in case the customer misses more than 50% of the course meetings, sports fees in case the customer misses more than 50% of the paid season). A doctor’s certificate is always required. CampusSport is not obliged to refunds in force majeure situations. If the minimum number of participants in a course is not reached, the course can be cancelled and in this case the paid course fees are returned.
•    You need to sign in to the sports shifts by using the key tag and the touch screen at the customer service desk. Upon request of the supervisors of the sports facilities or the instructor of the class, users of the sports services shall also show their personal ID card.
•    Each gym user shall clock in their sports tag in the access control reader every time before they go to the gym facilities.
•    Users can reserve a place to CampusSport’s weekly classes 7 days before the class takes place in CampusSport’s electronic system. Every customer can have up to four (4) reservations and five (5) queue slots at the same time. Enrollment for the courses starts at latest 14 days before the course starts. The participants will get a verification on whether the course will take place at least 3 working days before the course starts.
•    In case of hindrance, reservations shall be cancelled in the electronic system at least 3 hours before the class starts.  Also those, who get a place from the queue, shall cancel the reservation at least 3 hours before the class starts. (If you have already made other plans or can’t follow if you will get a notification about receiving a place, you shall CANCEL your queue slot.)
•    The reservation shall be confirmed at the self-service terminal (touch screen) in the sports facility at least 10 minutes before the class starts. If the reservation is not confirmed, the place will be released to other users.
•    Two uncancelled or unconfirmed reservations lead to an automatic two-week reservation ban. Uncancelled reservations are reset at the end of autumn and spring semesters.
•    All weekly classes can also be attended without booking in advance (excluding the courses). 70% of available places in each class can be pre-reserved through the electronic reservation system. The remaining places are available on a first come, first served basis. Badminton is an exception: all courts can be reserved in advance. A queue slot booked in the electronic reservation system applies only for places available in the electronic system, not the 30 percent available before the class starts.
•    Arrive at the sports location at least 10 minutes before the class starts. After this, you can no longer enter a class.
•    Use a sweat towel on the classes (also on top of the gym mat).
•    Users should not leave the class before it ends.
•    At pump classes and other classes where equipment is used, the users shall take care of taking back the equipment after the class ends. For security reasons, equipment shall not be moved before or during stretching.
•    During stretching, avoid unnecessary chatter and moving around. Using mobile phones is not allowed during the classes.
•    You can get to know the instructed classes only by taking part, which means that you can’t come and watch a class.
•    Note! The CampusSport sports fee does not cover any insurance, so verify your own insurance cover in terms of sports.