Massage in the summer

It is possible to book massage appointments in the summer too and at the moment there are a lot of times to choose from! Massage services are offered on various weekdays except from June 20 until July 14 when CampusSport’s massage therapist Saku Hirmasto is on holidays.

The massage appointments are held at Sport Sirkka (Sirkkalankatu 13, Turku). You can book a massage on CampusSport’s reservation system three weeks onward.

Massage price list (only for CampusSport’s customers)
30 min: 20€
45 min: 25€
60 min: 35€
90 min: 45€

The massage is to be paid by cash or with MobilePay when you have the appointment. Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or otherwise you will be charged the full amount.