Online classes in week 50

CampusSport offers online classes for those who have paid the sports fee! Classes take place next week (week 50). The classes are available only during the times mentioned in the schedule. Because of music’s copyright issues we can’t save the classes for later use. EDIT 9 Dec: Some classes are held without music and those videos will be available after the class too.

The classes will be streamed to a closed Facebook group. In order to join the group:
1. Request to join the Facebook group called “CampusSport online classes”. (Direct link:
2. Send an email to with a subject: “Facebook group”. Give the following information so that we can confirm that you have paid the sports fee:
– your whole name
– your university email address
– your Facebook account
We will add you to the Facebook group after we have confirmed that you have paid the sports fee. You need to make the request to join the group and send the email at the latest 10 am the day you want to participate in a class for a first time.

Monday 7 Dec
4pm-4.50pm Just Dance, Svetlana Johansson
A dance fitness class with choreographies that are rhythmic, easy and fun to dance.
5.15pm-6pm Power Core, Jarkko Mäkinen
In this class we concentrate on developing muscle strength, body control and balance while activating deep muscles. There are also some mobility exercises that aim at improving posture.
Equipment needed: a mat

Tuesday 8 Dec
4pm-4.50pm Just Kick, Jarkko Mäkinen
A fast-paced workout which utilizes the basic kicks from combat sports and develops stamina, muscular strength and body maintenance. Does not require any earlier experience in kicks.
5.10pm-6pm Body maintenance (in English), Alina Torbunova
The class focuses on improving mobility, coordination and balance.
Equipment needed: a mat

Wednesday 9 Dec
5.10pm-6pm Hatha Yoga, Ella Poutiainen
During the yoga glass we try to get rid of useless tension and increase awareness of our own bodies by doing asana sequences with the help of our breath.
Equipment needed: a mat, a blanket (if you wish)
6.10pm-7pm Contemporary Dance, Iisa Niemi
A beginners’ class on contemporary dance. We work on mastering time and space, different techniques and bringing our own personalities in the movements.

Thursday 10 Dec
4pm-4.50pm Abs, Butt and Thighs (in English), Alina Torbunova
The Abs, Butt and Thighs class consists of an easy warm-up, muscle tone exercises and stretching. The effective muscle toning part focuses on thighs, abs and buttocks
Equipment needed: a mat
5.10pm-6pm DanceFit, Marika Kumlander
DanceFit is a class which borrows styles from street dance to afro, Latin dances and traditional aerobic. Does not require a background in dancing.
6.10pm-7pm Mobility training, Marika Kumlander
The class consists of body maintenance, body twists, dynamic stretches and core exercises. An easy and active body maintenance class that is suitable for everyone.
Equipment needed: a gymnastic stick (you can also use a broom stick or a towel)

Friday 10 Dec
4pm-4.50pm Combat, Marika Kumlander
The class contains different series of punches and kicks and other moves which increase your heart rate, inspired by martial arts and done to inspiring music. No earlier experience on martial arts is required.
5.10pm-6pm Barre Fusion, Iisa Niemi
Barre Fusion combines ballet barre exercises with exercises from body weight training, pilates and yoga.
6.10pm-7pm Body maintenance, Iisa Niemi
The class focuses on improving mobility, coordination and balance.
Equipment needed: a mat

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