Part of the gyms will be re-opened

CampusSport has gotten a permission from the universities to re-open part of the gyms starting from June 8. The opening of Formis and Roddis is already sure, Educarium and Ruiskatu are still under negotiation. Based on the decision of Åbo Akademi, Asa gym will remain closed during the whole summer. We will give more information about details (opening hours, special arrangements etc.) next week.

The use of the gyms during the summer will be free of charge for those who had an active membership for the academic year or the spring semester and did not get a refund. In these cases, the access rights will be updated automatically so it is not necessary to contact us.

Those who didn’t have an active membership can buy the summer membership with a separate fee. The price will and the instructions how to buy it will be informed next week.

CS 28.5.2020