Regular badminton shifts for autumn 2021

You can book a regular badminton shift for the autumn period (6 September – 19 December 2021). The application period starts on Wednesday 23 June at 9am and last until Tuesday 6 July at 11.59pm.

Apply via CampusSport’s electronic reservation system:

1. Open and select “Reserve a class”. Log in with the HAKA user ID from your own higher education institution.
2. Select “Vakiovuorot” (i.e. regular booking) as the branch
3. Select “Liikuntavuorot/Sports classes” as the type
4. Search week 36 in the calendar
5. Select the time when you would like to have your shift

Shifts will not be available in the reservation system before the given time. Do not log in to the system before that so that you will see the updated page. All students and staff members of the universities in Turku can apply, you do not need to pay the CampusSport sports fee. Half of the people participating in the shift have to be students or staff members in one of the universities in Turku. A shift lasts for 45-55 minutes. One person can apply for max. two shifts.

Prices for regular shifts of badminton for autumn 2021 (one badminton court):
Educarium 83€
Iskeri 72€
*Normaalikoulu, primary school gym 66€
*Normaalikoulu, secondary school gym 66€
Please note that regular shifts are cancelled on midweek holidays.

Sports halls in Normaalikoulu are not in use for a few days during the year. Check the dates here before applying for a shift.

CS 16.6.2021