Remote access exercise

Because we unfortunately can’t organize any instructed exercise in our own sports halls, we would like to encourage you to exercise independently. Our instructors are going to hold classes through remote access and we will give you tips about working out independently. So keep following our channels and let us know what kind of instructions you would be interested in. We will update all the links and videos also into this post.

31 March 2020
Sarianna’s chest opening routine

This chest opening routine by Sarianna is especially good for us who spend time sitting down working or studying. The pace is calm and relaxing, you can stop the video if you need to search for the right spot to stretch. Instructions are in Finnish but it’s easy to follow Sarianna’s lead.

30 March 2020
This week’s break exercise, Svetlana’s Abs, Butt and Thighs workout

We publish a break exercise video every Monday, and the video for this week takes you to the forest. Our administration team member Pete will show you exercises you can do when you take a break from working or studying. By taking breaks, you are taking care of your own well-being.

Abs, Butt and Thighs workout with Svetlana is now available on video! Starting the week with this workout will get you energised and in a good mood. It would be good to have a some sort of mat or a towel to have under you when doing floor exercises, but other than that you won’t need any equipment for this workout. Instructions are in Finnish but it’s easy to follow Svetlana’s lead.

27 March 2020
Lower body maintenance by Milla Sipilä and Yoga With Adriene

Some body maintenance coming up next! In this video, Milla demonstrates six different stretches that you can do in your own pace. Stay in one stretch for at least 20-30 seconds and do a couple of rounds if you feel like it.

Ira from the administration team recommends; Yoga with Adriene Youtube Channel. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a total beginner, Adriene has a practice for you. According to Ira, the best thing about at home yoga is, that you can wear whatever you like and do a practice that suits your needs in that moment. This link will take you to a playlist specifically made up of calming and stress relieving practices.

26 March 2020
Hanna Pihlajamaa’s Kettlebell workout

This whole body kettlebell workout consists of familiar movements from Thursday’s kettlebell class. As a weight, you can use what you have at home, like a kettlebell, dumbbell, water bottle or a bag full of books for instance. The video is partly sped up, but the workout can be 10-30 minutes long depending on how many rounds you do. The directions are also in English, so click here for the video.

25 March 2020
Evolution workout, Budokwai Taekwondo’s Youtube channel

Pete is normally in charge of our competitions but now you have a chance to join him in the Evolution workout! During this exercise you will evolve from a fish into a human being. In order to reach the top of the evolution, do each animal move for 30 seconds and repeat the whole evolution three times. Check out the video here.

Our instructor Jarkko Mäkinen and Roosa Närhi have made workout videos for Budokwai Taekwondo. They offer home training routines aimed at improving your fighting stance and movements. On their channel they also provide a KickHIIT workout.

24 March 2020
Core workout, dance classes: Twerk, Reggaeton, Commercial Dance

Today we’ll do a core exercise with our instructor Alina. Let’s improve muscle strength, body control and balance, with additional focus on activating deep muscles. Watch the videos here.

Feel like twerking today? Our dance teacher Meri has instructed a Twerk for beginners class in Tanssistudio Flama. Meri’s Reggaeton and Pauliina’s Commercial Dance are also available.

23 March 2020
Weekly break exercise, Joan Keihäs’s ciruit training

We’re going to publish a break exercise video every Monday. Remember to take enough breaks every day and do this exercise every now and then. Noora, who is in charge of organizing our group exercise, has made this week’s video. It is inspired by warm-up exercises for swimmers. Watch the video here. Instructions are in Finnish, but just follow Noora’s lead.

Let’s start the week with our instructor Joan’s circuit training. Repeat each move ten times. Do 2-5 rounds. Watch the video here.

20 March 2020
FasciaMethod body maintenance routine

If you are in need of some calming and relaxing exercises, we warmly recommend this Facebook live video, in which our instructor Amanda Nousiainen guides us through a gentle and peaceful FasciaMethod body maintenance routine. The video is in Finnish, but Amanda has made the routine simple to follow along and you don’t need any equipment. The half hour video is great for instance as a break exercise, after which you will feel more alert and focused.

19 March 2020
15-minute Core workout by Iiris Mäntymaa

In this video, our instructor Iiris is showing us a 15-minute core workout that is suitable for everyone, no equipment needed. Knowing Iiris, the playlist is great and the workout is guaranteed to be effective, so just push play here and let her guide you.  (The video is in Finnish, but it is easy to follow along)

18 March 2020
Break exercise and a HIIT workout

Make sure you take enough breaks while working at home! Set an alarm on your phone to ring every 45 minutes, get up and walk around the apartment once or twice. For break exercise tips, visit our Instagram.

Do you enjoy Mari Jaatinen’s HIIT workout? Why not do it today in your living room or in a park? It’s still okay to do a workout outside with a friend, as long as you keep your distance. Mari’s instructions are here.

17 March 2020
Tips for roundhouse kicks

Our Just Kick and Taekwondo instructor Jarkko Mäkinen works also in the Budokwai Taekwondo club. Our users get to enjoy the video that Jarkko and his co-instructor Roosa Närhi have made to support the home training. Let’s start improving those roundhouse kicks! Let us know if you enjoyed the video and would like to get more similar tips. Watch the video (in Finnish):

16 March 2020
Exercising outdoors

Have you explored the outdoor training sites in Turku? The city maintains many nature reserves, jogging routes and outdoor training sites that are free to use for everybody. You can for example go for a walk, jog, use the outdoor gyms and do a bodyweight or stair workout.

Below you can find tips on outdoor training sites in Turku:

Sports Park and Paavo Nurmi Stadium:
– 1,5km jogging track
– Basketball courts, disc golf course, beach volley courts, ping pong tables, turf field and a running track
– Outdoor workout gym

Kuuvuori playing field:
– Strairs leading to the peak of Kuuvuori are popular place for working out. Here’s an easy tutorial for a stair workout:
– Outdoor gym on the side of the playing field

Stepping It Up route in central Turku:
– Get to know the cultural landscape of Turku and get a good workout
– Three routes with different lengths

Nature reserves:
– Being in the forest has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Take some snack with you and have go on a lunch excursion.

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