Reservation period for badminton shifts

Reservation for regular badminton shifts for the spring (2.1.-31.5.2020) will open on Monday 25 November 2019 at 9 am. Last day to make a reservation is Sunday 8 December 2019.

All staff members and students of the higher education institutions in Turku can book regular shifts – you don’t need to be a CampusSport member. 50% of the participants in the regular shifts must be from the higher education institutions in Turku. A shift lasts for 55 minutes, except for a few shift that last for 45 minutes. One person can apply for max. two shifts.

Apply through the CampusSport electronic booking system:
1. Open and select “reserve a class”
2. You can log in with the HAKA user ID from your own higher education institution
3. Select “vakiovuorot” (i.e. regular booking) as the branch
4. Select “Liikuntavuorot/Sports classes” as the type
5. Search week 2 in the calendar
6. Select the time at which you wish to make the booking

Prices for regular shifts of badminton for spring 2020 (one badminton court):
Educarium 94€
Iskeri 83€
*Normaalikoulu, primary school gym 94€
*Normaalikoulu, secondary school gym 94€

The sports halls in Normaalikoulu are not available for those with regular bookings:
Primary school gym
2.1. – 6.1.
25.5. – 31.5.
Secondary school gym
2.1. – 6.1.
28.1. – 7.2.
9.3. – 26.3.
30.4. – 31.5.