As a member of CampusSport you get to enjoy many benefits. Please be prepared to prove your membership to the service provider by showing the electronic receipt of the payment of the sports fee.

  • Paavo Nurmi Centre: fitness tests (discounts for students and staff)
  • Holiday Club Caribia: discounts for staff
  • Turku Swimming Hall: swimming 2€ for students (normal price 3€), for others 3€ (normal price 5€), water gymnastics 5€ (normal price 5,5€-7,5€)
  • Sport Science Lab (web page only in Finnish): physiotherapy for students 60min/66€ or 45min/58€ and for staff 60min/76€ or 45min/68€
  • Massage therapist Teemu Jääskeläinen (web page only in Finnish): 5€ discount from the massages
  • Grupo Capusso: 10 times card for capoeira training 40€ (normal price 60€)
  • Manhattan sport center: racket sports with a discount price
  • Services concerning the well-being of musculoskeletal system provided by TULE information center free of charge (web page only in Finnish)
  • Kilosport: padel, badminton or gym with a discount price