Special arrangements in the sports facilities autumn 2021

There are some special arrangements in the sports facilities in order to secure safe workout possibilities for everyone. Please familiarize yourself with the instructions.

General hygiene instructions
– Do not come to the gym if you are ill.
– You need to wear a mask in the changing rooms and corridors. Wear a mask also during the workout, if possible. We recommend that you use a surgical mask.
– Take care of good hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and use disinfectants that are available in all our facilities.
– There are signs in the sports facilities reminding of hygiene and safety distances.
– We have increased the amount of cleaning and in addition to the regular cleaning in the morning, the staff disinfects door handles and other surfaces.
– As always, everyone is obliged to clean the equipment after use with disinfectant and paper towels. The number of disinfectants will be increased. This also includes the equipment used during the instructed classes and ball sporst shfits.

Instructed classes and ball sports shifts
– For now, the maximum amount of people allowed into each sports hall:
• Educarium, sports hall: 48 people
• Educarium, gymnastic hall: 15 people
• Sport Sirkka: 20 people
• Iskeri: 32 people
• The maximum amount of participants in the ball sports shifts is the same as before.
– We try to avoid moving around or switching equipment during the classes. Close contact should be avoided.
– We recommend that you bring your own mat to the instructed classes. If you use CampusSport’s mat, you need to bring a towel that covers the entire mat.
– We recommend that you use cotton gloves inside the boxing gloves. You can use gloves in all classes if you want to.
– Vests can’t be worn during the ball sports shifts so please bring both a light and a dark shirt with you so that participants can play in two teams.
– Our instructors obviously can’t work if they feel at all sick, so we might need to switch instructors or cancel classes even on a short notice.

– The maximum number of people to train at the gym at the same time is 8. At Aurum gym the maximum number is 25.
– At Educarium and Aurum gyms you can come to train only with a reservation. The length of the reservation is 1,5 hours (the last shifts in the evening are 1 hour only). You do not have to go in to the gym exactly when your shift starts if you do not want to spend the entire 1.5 hours in the gym. You cannot enter the workout area before your shift starts. It is extremely important that you leave the workout area by the time your reservation ends. This way we make sure that as few people as possible will be exposed to corona virus, should there be an exposure.
– At Educarium and Aurum gyms you need to sign in to the shifts by using the key tag and the touch screen. Please note that you need to select and confirm the shift on the screen.
– At Formis, Roddis and Ruiskatu gyms there are no reservations. If you arrive at the gym and there are already 8 people there, you must wait until someone leaves before entering the gym. Touch screens are not in use at these gyms. It is enough that you show your tag key to the electronic reader at the gym door. Everyone who goes in needs to show their tag, even if they get in with another person and do not need to open the door.
– During the free try out weeks (6 Sep – 19 Sep), people who have not paid the sports fee can visit the gyms on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 17-19. If you have already paid the fee, we recommend that you don’t visit the gyms during these hours.

Visiting sports facilities
– Take care of safety distances also in the changing rooms and while queuing to the classes. If possible, we would like you to come to the sports facilities with your training clothes already on in order to avoid unnecessary time in the changing rooms. We recommend that you take a shower at home.
– You don’t need to touch the touch screen with your finger when registering to the class. You can use your tag or some other hard object.
– Our instructed classes start mainly on the hour. If you are not going to go to a class and have some other reason to visit the customer service, we recommend that you don’t visit just before the class is about to start.
– New users: if possible, go and activate your tag during the first week of September, before the free try out weeks begin.

Reservations for classes and shifts
– Reservations for instructed classes, ball sports shifts and gyms are made in the CampusSport electronic reservation system. Link to the reservation system is on our website: choose “reserve a class” and log in with your university’s Haka credentials. You can make reservations after paying the sports fee.
– We have made some changes in the way the reservations need to be made. You need to make a reservation at the latest 30 minutes before the class or shift starts. If you need to cancel your reservation, you need to do that in the electronic system at least 2 hours before the class or shift starts.
– Two uncancelled or unconfirmed reservations lead to an automatic two-week reservation ban. Uncancelled reservations are reset at the end of autumn and spring semesters.
– Please see more detailed terms of reservations on page Terms of use.

Please note that we might have to change the special arrangements on a short notice. In addition, arrangements in the sports facilities might not be as smooth as usual and you might need to wait for a while in different situations while visiting the sports facilities. We thank you for your patience and co-operation. Let’s make sure all together that we will be able to keep providing safe sport services.

CS 20.8.2021