Sports tutors’ Amazing Turku walking tour 24 Nov

The coldness of November has reached the west coast, but not to worry, because CampusSport’s sports tutors are offering a great opportunity to warm up with a walking tour around the city. We will use the city of Turku’s cultural exercise route called Amazing Turku – Explore the mysteries of Turku. During the tour we will discover what strange things have happened at the Aura river and at Kupittaa park.

The tour is organized on Tue 24 November, starting at 5pm. The meeting point will be in front of the cathedral (Tuomiokirkko). The sports tutors will have a CampusSport sign with them so that you’ll be able to recognize them. The route will go around the Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium and ends at the Student Village or, if needed, at the cathedral. The length of the Amazing Turku route is 4.8 km. Tour will last for approximately 1.5 hours. A shorter tour can also be provided for those who want to walk less. The event is free. No need to enroll in advance. You don’t have to pay the sports fee in order to participate.

The first participants will get a Campussport reflector on a first come first served basis. We can enjoy the tour safely as the evenings are quite dark this time of year. So take a friend with you or come by yourself! During the tour we will take the current corona situation into consideration and take care of the safety distances. If it rains a lot, the event will be cancelled.


CS 10.11.2020