Summer semester starts on June 8

CampusSport will re-open some of the gyms starting from June 8. We have gathered all the essential information in this message. Please read it through carefully. The length of the summer semester is June 8 – Aug 30, 2020. CampusSport reserves the right for changes even with a short notice if the guidelines of the universities will be updated.

The membership in the summer
– The use of the gyms during the summer will be free of charge for those who had an active membership for the academic year or the spring semester and did not get a refund. In these cases, the access rights will be updated automatically so it is not necessary to contact us. You can check the status of your membership on Avoinna24 website ( by selecting “Customer account”.
– Those who did not have an active membership can buy the summer membership with a separate fee. The fee is 20 euros and it can be paid at the online store of CampusSport starting from June 8.

Customer service hours
The customer service is open at Sport Sirkka on Mondays at 3-5 pm and on Thursdays at 8-10 am. This schedule is valid June 8 – July 5. In July and August CampusSport’s customer service desk will be open at Educarium on Mondays at 3-5 pm and on Thursdays 8-10 am.

– The following gyms will open starting from June 8: Formis, Roddis, Ruiskatu. Edit 10 June 2020: We unfortunately have to close the Ruiskatu gym 29 June – 31 July. Turku Vocational Institute who owns the gym let us know earlier that the gym has to be closed for a few days due to some construction work but we just received information that the gym has to be closed for a month. We apologize for this change.
– The gym at Educarium will be opened later when the access to the gym has been re-arranged. Based on the decision of Åbo Akademi, Asa gym will remain closed for the whole summer. Edit 29 June 2020: Educarium’s gym re-opens on Monday June 29. There is a new entrance to the building and you can use the gym only with a reservation.
– The gyms are open according to the normal opening hours. You can check the opening hours, addresses etc. on Gyms page. Due to Midsummer, all gyms are closed June 19 – June 20.

Individual services
Massage and personal trainer services can be booked starting from June 8. Personal trainer appointments can be held outside only for the time being. You can find more information about individual services and the price list on Other services page.

Other services
All other CampusSport services (instructed classes, ball sports shifts, courses, competitions, regular shifts, events, borrowing sports equipment, sports tutors) will remain shut down. However, it is possible to book a regular private tennis shift. If you are interested in booking a tennis shift, please contact Petri Kuokkanen by e-mail:

Special arrangements in the sports facilities
There are some special arrangements in the sports facilities in order to secure safe environment. If these rules are not obeyed, CampusSport might have to close the gyms.

– Do not come to the gym if you are ill, not even if you only have mild symptoms.
– Take care of good hand hygiene. Disinfectants are available in all our facilities.
– There are signs in the sports facilities reminding of hygiene and safety distances.
– We increase the amount of cleaning and in addition to the regular cleaning in the morning, the staff disinfects door handles and other surfaces.
– As always, everyone is obliged to clean the equipment after use with disinfectant and paper towels. The number of disinfectants will be increased.
– The equipment that cannot be cleaned properly (e.g. textiles) have been removed from the gyms.
– The supervising of the gyms will be increased, and the attendant will make sure that the rules are being followed (e.g. the cleaning of the equipment).
– The maximum number of people to train at the gym at the same time is 10. If you arrive at the gym and there are already 10 people there, you must wait until someone leaves before entering the gym.
– Warming up and cooling down is encouraged to be done elsewhere to ease the overcrowding of the gyms.
– At Educarium’s gym you can come to train only with a reservation. The length of the reservation is 1,5 hours. You can make reservations 7 days onwards. Every customer can have up to three (3) reservations.
– If possible, we would like you to come to the sports facilities with your training clothes already on in order to avoid unnecessary time in the changing rooms. We recommend that you take a shower at home.
– Please inform CampusSport by e-mail ( if they or their housemates are diagnosed with Covid-19 within a few days after training at CampusSport’s gyms. In these cases, CampusSport will notify all the people who trained at the gym at the same time.

CS 5.6.2020