Tennis shift bookings for the summer 2021

NB! All bookings are conditional as we still don’t know if we are able to offer tennis shifts this year due to coronavirus situation.

CampusSport has two tennis fields at the University of Turku’s premises near Educarium. It is possibly to apply for a regular tennis shift for the summer 2021. Application period for regular tennis shifts starts on Monday 29 Mar at 9am and ends on Sunday 11 Apr at 11.59pm. After the application period, you can still book a shift by sending e-mail to if there are some shifts available.

Apply for a regular tennis shift through CampusSport electronic booking system:
1. Open and select “reserve a class”.
2. You can log in with the HAKA user ID from your own higher education institution.
3. Select “Vakiovuorot” (i.e. regular shifts) as the branch.
4. Select “Liikuntavuorot/Sports classes” as the type.
5. Search week 18 in the calendar.
6. Select the time at which you wish to book a tennis court on a regular basis.

One person can only apply for up to two shifts of one hour each. The shifts will be confirmed by e-mail after the application period has ended. You do not need to pay the sports fee in order to apply for a shift. All staff members and students of the universities in Turku can apply. 50% of the players on the shifts must be from the universities in Turku.

The normal length of the tennis season is from May to September and the prices for regular tennis shifts (1 hour each time) are the following:
Daytime at 8am–9pm
– With participation in the voluntary work 60 euros /season
– Without participation in the voluntary work 85 euros /season
Night-time at 9pm–11pm
– With participation in the voluntary work 40 euros /season
– Without participation in the voluntary work 65 euros /season

The prices for summer 2021 will be confirmed based on the price list above when we know the length of the season (e.g. daytime shift June-Sep = 68€). During weeks 38 and 39, there will be temporary changes in the hours when the court is in use due to the CampusSport tennis tournament.

Voluntary work for tennis court maintenance will take place in the beginning of May, if the corona situation allows it. The date will be confirmed later. You will be asked whether you participate in the voluntary work when you get the confirmation e-mail of the booking.

CS 15.3.2021