Test sessions at Aurum gym

Would you like to see the new Aurum gym before the official opening? We will organize two test sessions at Aurum gym and we are looking for people to test the gym and help us to finalize it. The participants need to be people who have paid CampusSport’s sports fee for the past academic year or for summer 2021.

You can make your own workout during the test session, but after the workout you need to tell about your experiences to CampusSport’s staff members. The test sessions will take place on Tuesday 24 Aug at 13.00-14.30 and at 15.00-16.30. You need to join us when the test session starts so please do not reserve a place if you cannot arrive on time.

You can reserve a place for the test session in CampusSport’s electronic system. Select “other” as a branch and “gym reservations” as a type to find the test sessions.

CS 19.8.2021