Test your muscle balance

CampusSport organizes FMS muscle balance tests in co-operation with Sports Academy! FMS muscle balance test is a test for charting movement control and mobility. The test consists of seven functional test movements, which are scored on scale 0-3. Your training programme is tailored on the basis of your score and comments by the physiotherapist monitoring the test, with the objective to develop exactly those areas in your body that may in some way hinder your movements or have an undermining effect on your performance. After the tests, a training programme is made and carried out as a group workout two times after the tests. After this, everyone can independently carry on doing those exercises that are most important to them.

The tests are conducted at Kupittaa Ball Game Hall between 10.00-12.00 on the following dates:
Wed March 6, 2019
Mon March 11, 2019
Wed March 13, 2019
Mon March 18, 2019
Wed March 20, 2019

The price of the test is 10 EUR including the training programme and two group workout sessions. You can enroll in the test by paying the fee at the online store of CampusSport. Please note that there is a separate product for each date (one person attends only one test session) and everyone has to make the enrollment and pay the fee themselves.