Upcoming competitions

CampusSport organizes several tournaments and competitions during the academic year. Next competitions are E-sports and Gym Sport.

You don’t have to be our member in order to participate in the competition. There is a separate fee for each tournament. Competitions are devided into amateur and competition series. For more information about the competitions and the competition calendar for spring, visit the page Competitions.

When: Group stage games 7 and 14 February 2020. Playoffs 28 February 2020. Games will be played between 10 am and 5 pm.
Where: Publicum (Assistentinkatu 7), classroom Pub126.
Additional information: Both NHL and FIFA (PS4) tournaments will be played on both days. Players can participate in just one or both of the tournaments.
Competition fee: 7€/person.
Last day to enroll: 31 January 2020

Gym Sport
Pull-up: 1. Normal, maximum amount of repetitions with own body weight. 2. With additional weight, one repetition with maximum additional weight.
Bench press: 1. Military press, maximum amount of repetitions with weight equal to participant’s bodyweight. 2. Maximum, one repetition with maximum additional weight.
Leg press: 1. Maximum repetition, men with resistance of 150 kg, women 100 kg

When: 12 February 2020 between 4 pm and 6 pm.
Where: Formis gym (Ajurinkatu 2/Läntinen Pitkäkatu 25, Turku).
Additional information: You can participate in one or more sports. Separate divisions for women and men.
Tournament fee: 7 €/participant.
Last day to enroll: 5 February 2020.

Enroll here.
Our competitions are part of CampusSport Cup, which is a series of tournaments that consists of different sports and lasts for the whole season. The Cup is divided into team sports and singles racket sports. You can participate in just one tournament, it isn’t mandatory to be part of the Cup.

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