Update on CampusSport’s services in coronavirus situation

There was possible coronavirus exposure at CampusSport’s facility at the beginning of last week (week 41). It happened on one single instructed class and all the participants have been informed by e-mail. Following the instructions given by the authorities, the procedure will be the same if there are similar cases in the future. Those people, who are confirmed to have been exposed, are always contacted personally by the health authorities. If there was a more serious case, not just a possible exposure, we would of course inform all our customers about it.

On Oct 14, when we were informed about the possible exposure which happened last week, all CampusSport’s arrangements including the number of participants and the sizes of the sports halls were discussed with the local health authorities. After the discussion, they confirmed that CampusSport can continue to offer the sports services with current special arrangements. However, it is extremely important that everyone follows the hygiene procedures.

We want to emphasize the importance of using the face mask at the sports facilities, especially in the public areas of the sports facilities, such as lobbies, corridors and changing rooms. In addition, we strongly recommend the use of the face mask also in the sports hall and storage room while getting or bringing back the equipment. I.e. the only time without a mask in the sports facilities is when you do your exercise. You should use your own consideration if it possible to use a mask during the class too if the nature of the class allows it.

The local health authorities have recommended that everyone tries to remember or, even better, writes down where in the sports hall they have been on each class (left or right side, front or back). It is not advisable to change places during the class and we have reminded our instructors not to encourage for that. If you get sick and the result of the coronavirus test is positive, please inform the health authorities of all the times when you have been at CampusSport’s facilities to make the tracing work as easy and quick as possible.

We follow the instructions given by the local authorities and will make changes for CampusSport’s services quickly if it is required. For now, all the services will continue normally. However, we must highlight that it is our responsibility, each and every one of us, to follow the given instructions and face mask recommendation.

CS 16.10.2020