Via Dolorosa geocaching route opens 1 December 2021

CampusSport has created seven different geocaching routes for you around Turku. Explore alone or with friends, you only need a smartphone and a pen. The routes are free to use and made for everyone. More information about the routes:

Via Dolorosa, aka Ruissalo Beach boulevard, is a significant road because a considerable part of the Finnish population has wandered that path after having spent a day or two in the Ruisrock music festival. Via Dolorosa route opens 1 Dec. In order to go through the route you need a GoCache app that you can download from CampusCache web page. Get to know Via Dolorosa route:

Students and staff members of the universities in Turku can win prizes by going through GoCache routes. The prizes will be drawn from players who enter their university email to the app. Prizes include for example Unica restaurant lunch vouchers and personal trainer meetings.

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