Water sports 2018-2019

There have been many inquiries about CampusSport’s water sports selection and here is some clarification about the situation.

Turku University of Applied Sciences moved out from Ruiskatu at the end of last semester, following that also CampusSport had to give up using the swimming pool and sports hall at Ruiskatu. Only the gym remained in use in co-operating with vocational institute.

Due to this change, we cannot offer swimming shifts that would be included in the sports fee. Due to high demand, there is only limited amount of pool time available in Turku, but we managed to rent two weekly shifts for instructed classes from Holiday Club Caribia. On Tuesdays 15.30-16.20 there is a Hydrotaining class that is open for everyone and on Tuesdays 16.30-17.20 a Water aerobics class which is only aimed at staff members. Participating in these instructed classes is included in the sports fee. If you want to use the other facilities of Holiday Club Caribia after the instructed class, you have to pay separately for the usage of the spa. The price of the spa after an instructed class is 11 EUR.

Additionally, for them who have paid the sports fee there is a chance to swim and participate in a water aerobics class with a discount price in Turun Uimahalli, which is located in the campus area. The swimming price for CampusSport’s student members is 2 EUR and for staff members 3 EUR. The water aerobics classes cost 5 EUR / class. Find out more about the opening times of Turun uimahalli on their website: http://en.turunuimahalli.palvelee.fi

CampusSport organizes also two swimming technique courses during the autumn semester. The courses are held in Turun uimahalli. You can find information about the courses here (select tab “courses”): https://www.campussport.fi/en/selection-of-sports/liikunta-aikataulu-en/