We lend equipment to members 19 Apr – 20 Apr

Those who have paid the sports fee for the academic year 2020-2021 or spring 2021 can improve their home workout and borrow sports equipment Mon 19 and Tue 20 Apr 2021. Bookings can be made in the reservation system starting from Thu 15 Apr at 10 am. Only those who have paid the sports fee can borrow sports equipment, you cannot borrow them with the online pass.

Available equipment:
kettlebells 6-24 kg
22 pieces of pump sets (a set includes a bar, locks, 2x5kg, 2×2,5kg, 2x1kg plates)
8 pieces of step board + pump sets (a set includes a bar, locks, 2x5kg, 2×2,5kg, 2x1kg plates)

You can book the equipment in our reservation system:
1. Choose “Reserve a class” in our web page
2. Choose week 16 in the calendar
3. Choose ”Iskeri” as a branch
4. Choose ”Sports classes” as type

Now you can see all the available equipment and their pick-up times. You can borrow one equipment or equipment set, which means that you can make one reservation. In addition, you can queue for one equipment or equipment set. The pick-up time is the time mentioned in the reservation (30 minutes). You have to collect the equipment that you have booked during these 30 minutes. You cannot change the time. If the time does not suit you, you unfortunately cannot book the equipment in question. You can collect only the equipment mentioned in the booking. Changes cannot be made. You must take all the equipment with you, you cannot leave anything out. When you make the booking, make sure that the product mentioned in it is the one that you want. You can make a booking up to one hour before the pick-up time. If you need to cancel your reservation, you need to do it at the latest three hours before the pick-up time.

The equipment will be collected from Iskeri sport hall (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4). You do not need a tag to get in and you do not need to use the touch screen to collect your booking. Our staff hands out the equipment. You need to show an ID. Please wear a mask, take care of good hand hygiene and keep a two-meter safety distance.

The equipment will be returned to Iskeri 17 or 18 May. These are the only dates when you can return the equipment, so if these dates do not suit you, you cannot borrow equipment. If you do not return the equipment on the given dates, you will have to pay a fine of 50 euros / each starting week.

If you do not return the equipment, you will have to pay a 200-euro fine. If the equipment gets damaged beyond repair during the loan time, you need to pay for a new equipment.

The borrowing sports equipment that is a part of our normal service is also available. More information on the equipment and how to borrow them on the page Other services.

CS 13.4.2021