We’re looking for a project worker

We’re developing a sports shift instructed by our sports tutors. The shift is free and open for all the students of the universities in Turku. Students are welcome to participate in the shift regularly or every now and then, everyone is always welcome. The goal of the shift is to have fun and give the participants a positive experience of exercising. Students can try different sports depending on what they are interested in and the tutors are there to encourage and to give tips. Participants don’t need to have any previous experience in any sport. The shift is meant for students who don’t exercise or use our services. We also try to reach the students who are looking for a sense of community and a group to exercise with.

We’re looking for a project worker to develop the shift concept and support the sports tutors in their new task. The selected person will participate in the shift during the autumn 2020 and helps the tutors to develop their skills. At the end of the project, the project worker writes a report and collects instruction for future use. In 2021 the shift will be run entirely by the tutors.

CampusSport will not make a contract of employment with the selected person. Instead, the project worker will charge CampusSport 3000 euros (including value added tax). The project will take place 1 August 2020 – 31 December 2020.

The content of the project:
Developing the shift concept with the CampusSport’s administrative team
Planning and holding the training session for the tutors
Marketing the shift together with the CampusSport team
Participating in the shift on Wednesdays at 18-19
Coaching the tutors and giving them feedback during and after the shift
Keeping in touch with the tutors via email
Reporting and writing down instructions

We expect the selected person to:
Have experience in project work and project management
Have experience in training and instructing
Have following language skills: fluent in Finnish and English, basic knowledge of Swedish
You don’t need to be an educated professional of sports, but you need to be interested in the area
Pedagogical studies are appreciated

Last day to apply is 15 June. We’ll start interviewing already during the application period. Send your application and a CV to outi.lindstrom@campussport.fi. Additional information: Outi Lindström 046 923 4332 or via email.

This project is carried out with the support of Study In Turku collaboration.

CS 1.6.2020