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Address: Ajurinkatu 2 (Läntinen Pitkäkatu 25), Turku

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6.00-23.00 (entry until 22.30)

Services: gym
Dressing rooms and showers: Gendered dressing rooms without showers. Toilets and showers are located in the corridor and they are all single occupant and unisex spaces. These spaces can also be used as single occupant dressing rooms.
Lockers: There are lockers in the men’s dressing room as well as at the back end of the gym. Lockers have enough room for a backpack. The key is in the door and you won’t need a coin to use the locker.
Instructions: entrance from the courtyard (Läntinen Pitkäkatu 25)
Customer service hours: no customer service

Gym counseling: Gym counseling service is on a summer break and will continue on 2 September 2024.
Exceptions in opening hours: The access control system has been fixed and starting from 11 March all tags work normally.

Gym description: Gym’s equipment include a power rack, a squat rack, a space for doing bench pushups and deadlifts, dumbbells and kettlebells. For aerobic training there is a treadmill, three exercise bikes and a rowing machine in the gym. There are three pull-up bars and some space for functional training.

We require that all our customers follow CampusSport’s gym etiquette (pdf) at the gyms.